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Concord Medical Institute

Concord Medical Institute provides students interested in studying medicine an international experience at a top University for a fraction of the cost. Study medicine or dentistry in the second largest city in Hungary, while ensuring accreditation throughout Europe and the United States upon the completion of the medical or dental program. Additionally, Concord Medical Institute provides assistance with residency placement in the United States and support services from Doctors practicing in the US after completing a European program.

Please browse our website and find out how Concord Medical Institute can assist you in enrolling in an internationally recognized medical or dental program where you will receive an education unsurpassed by the average US or Caribbean University; all for approximately a third of the cost.

Affiliated Universities

Facultas Medica universitatis University of Debrecenianae Brunensis

Concord Medical Institute is currently placing dedicated applicants into medical or dental programs at University of Debrecen Facility of Medicine, located in Debrecen, Hungary. See why currently enrolled students are calling their studies the "experience of a lifetime".


Our Medical & Dental Programs

Since University of Debrecen follows a European model, students are able to enroll directly from high school (or the equivalent in Europe), with no requirement to complete MCAT exams. Students are instead required to complete an entrance exam that Concord Medical Institute is currently administering throughout the US, Europe and Middle East to accommodate prospective students.

Six Year Medical Program

Students enrolled in the medical program have a chance to experience a curriculum unsurpassed by any domestic or international university. This program consists of six years of fundamental, preclinical, and clinical academics.

Five Year Dental Program

Our newly renovated dental facilities give students the opportunity of a lifetime. They can study dentistry with advanced learning equipment, and a dedicated department eager to teach everything necessary to becoming a quality dentist.


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